Reflection: So you think you’re a Digital Resident?

Fire & Ice

Topic one was of particular interest as I had little previous knowledge about Digital Residents and Visitors, however through the reading of academic work and blog posts of my peers, I can now consider myself well versed in the area.

Through reading the blog posts of others I was able to understand the terms in a more simplified and accessible manner than that of academic text. It was insightful to see the alternate views in terms of where people placed themselves along the continuum and whether they agreed with the terms Prensky had developed. Will even went as far as to include another term in which he considered of importance, opening my eyes to something I had not previously considered.

Through the feedback on my post via comments, I am able to identify some flaws in my post, as well as factors that have been well received. An issue that I will work on in my next post is making it less ‘clinical’ through shorter, easier to read paragraphs, and more engaging graphics aesthetically wise. This will make my post more accessible to wider audiences

Hei Lam and Arun’s comments were particularly helpful in developing on my blog post, and opening me up to further ideas I had not previously considered. Arun suggested referencing particular websites where social learning is already used, and through reflection I was able to think of many examples I have used in the classroom previously. The Student Room acts as an example in which collaborative learning is used through the conversing of the global community; adding this as an example in my post could further emphasise my point.

Hei Lam suggested considering the relationship between technical capability and the Nature vs Nurture debate – this is not something I had previously considered, hence her comment helped widen my perspective on how many factors influence whether you are a Digital Resident or Visitor.

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