Reflection: Welcome to the free for all

Topic 4 and 5 have particularly highlighted the importance of education, and how the benefits of access of knowledge trumps all other potential disadvantages. I have created a prezi containing the main points explaining why education is imperative, hence acting as the justification for why I consider Open Access to be paramount, despite the negatives curtailed for content creators.

Image result for poor students

From reading the posts written by fellow students on the module, it becomes apparent that despite entailing both the positives and negatives of Open Access, there is general consensus on the supporting of total Open Access. It is questionable however how much bias influences our writing. Being poor students, it is of course understandable that we are supporters of Open Access, however perhaps we lack understanding of the other side. This is something that is uncontrollable, however our self influence must be recognised and balanced arguments should be created.

Within my post, Will questioned who should take control with raising the issue of Open Access, whilst this should be the responsibility of everyone, students and scholars are particularly key in facilitating the change – these are the groups which are most influenced by it, therefore must be the ones to campaign for change and awareness.

This week’s post was particularly interesting in seeing the different spheres of Open Access, and its influence outside the solely academic world – something I would have not considered without reading the posts of others. Many of the posts made reference to the access of music, and provided evidence of celebrities whose success had both benefited and been hindered through Open Access. This approach helped simplify the concept of Open Access to those who perhaps would not understand it from a purely academic perspective – something I would strive to incorporate if I were to rewrite the post.

Word count: 302

See my comments on Gus’ and Arun’s posts

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